Best Lawn Sprinkling Service in Grand Rapids!

Remember to service your lawn sprinkling system each season!

Call Winchel Irrigation Lawn Sprinkling Service for spring startups, to winterize for fall, mid-season checkups, trouble shooting, general repairs and renovation of existing irrigation systems. We do irrigation maintenance and tune-up practically all year round. We will even convert your old irrigation system to new.


Experience is the difference. The Winchel Irrigation Service department is staffed with the best technicians in Grand Rapids. Each service technician has been servicing irrigation systems for 15 to 30 years – there isn’t much they haven’t seen or repaired. Our experience enables us to offer services that other companies cannot, like working on older Toro hydraulic systems and controllers.


Our Service technicians can increase the efficiency of your sprinkling system and lower your water bill. We can upgrade your sprinklers to more water-efficient models, replace spray head nozzles requiring less run time, or add a rain /soil sensor to your irrigation system to manage run times when it’s raining or when the lawn doesn’t need the water.


Tired of fertilizing or fighting with mosquitoes and other insects? Let your irrigation system do the work for you. Install a Pro Feeder system and inject fertilizer or insect controller through your irrigation system automatically.


Winchel Irrigation takes a lead role in West Michigan in conserving the water used in lawn sprinkling and drip irrigation systems, by designing and installing ECO-SPRINKLING systems with products that reduce water usage and waste – water only where you need it, when you need it!

Winchel Irrigation can provide the service your system needs. Call us today!