Residential & Commercial Lawn Sprinkling Irrigation Systems

Residential Lawn Sprinkling Irrigation Systems

Residential lawns don’t sprinkle themselves – or do they? Home owners can better enjoy a well-watered lawn with an efficient residential lawn sprinkling system designed and installed by Winchel Irrigation of Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

Home owners will appreciate the efficient lawn sprinkling systems that Winchel Irrigation develops for their specific yard, created to meet every property’s needs with products that save the homeowner money by saving water.

Featuring high quality Rain Bird equipment with our own ECO-SPRINKLING™ water-saving system, each installation is created with head-to-head coverage and matched precipitation rate nozzles to uniformly and evenly distribute the water to your home’s lawn.

The video below shows a typical lawn sprinkling irrigation system installation. It shows how quickly and easily an installation proceeds, with minimal impact on your landscaping, usual sprinkler head spray patterns, and how we work around landscape features. Be sure to check out some of the other sprinkler irrigation videos on our YouTube Channel.

Commercial Sprinkling and Irrigation Systems

Commercial sprinkling and irrigation systems can save your business or facility water and money maintaining your grounds’ investment. Better call the best to install and maintain.

Winchel Irrigation is the perfect choice for your commercial irrigation project, with experience in small office buildings, strip malls, athletic fields, condominiums, colleges and universities. We offer design build services that allow cost effective planning without compromising the quality of your finished product. Call us – let’s discuss your next project.

Winchel Irrigation can design or provide support for LEED-certified projects with products that qualify for LEED points and that support green building practices. Products like our ET manager reduce the amount of water used to irrigate a site by using real-time weather data to adjust the irrigation timer. Pressure regulating sprinkler heads ensure consistent and uniform water delivery in each zone by operating at the optimum nozzle pressure, using less water. Water storage tanks that collect rain water and site runoff water are another way to meet LEED requirements.

Technology has made its way into the irrigation system market and Winchel Irrigation has made the investment and commitment to using these processes. We offer weather-based irrigation systems that are adjusted on an hourly basis with real-time data received from our weather station, allowing water to be distributed only when needed.

Winchel Irrigation is also the leading installer of the “2 wire irrigation control system”. This product allows for software-based programming and operation, with unlimited expansion or modification to the sprinkler system. The irrigation system can be controlled with flow sensors, ET (Evaporation Transpiration) or remote monitoring.

Winchel Irrigation can provide the service your system needs. Call us today!